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Payroll deduction

Eden & South Lakeland credit union is happy to work with any employer to accept payroll deductions from employees. We have arrangements in place as follows:

Cumbria County Council

Cumbria County CouncilIt is very easy to ask Cumbria County Council to deduct monthly savings or loan repayments from your salary and send them to Eden & South Lakeland credit union.

Firstly you need to be a member of the Credit Union. You will need to fill in our Membership Application form. You can do that at any one of our offices, by downloading the form from our website or by applying online. More information on membership.

To complete the opening process we need to see two forms of identification. This will involve you visiting one of our offices - details of locations and opening hours. We need a minimum opening deposit of £5 (£2 of this is a one off joining fee).

All that remains is for you to advise your payroll office that you want to take part in the scheme. Please complete the necessary form. All our offices are able to hand out the necessary form. It can only be used once you have opened your account as you need to enter your Credit Union Membership number.