Save, Borrow, Invest in Tomorrow



We'd love you to join as a member, with these three steps:

  1. Fill in a membership form, eg do it online or download a form
  2. Pay in at least £5 - though this is free for tenants of most local housing associations
  3. We need to see some id and evidence of residency - see below

Who can join

Membership is open to individuals who live or work in Eden District or South Lakeland District, aged 16 or over.  Download a membership form – obtainable from our branches.  Organisations based in Eden District or South Lakeland District can also become members - more info.  Children in families where an adult lives or works in Eden District or South Lakeland District can open a Junior Savings account - they will become a member when they turn 16.

To join you must pay in at least £5.  This includes a one-off membership fee of £2 so £3 would be deposited into your member savings account if you paid in £5.  You must provide evidence of ID and residency - see below.

From 21 February 2017 the maximum amount that a member can hold in their account is £10,000.
Savings up to £85,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme - you must acknowledge receipt of our FSCS information sheet.

Benefits of joining

There are many benefits associated with joining Eden & South Lakeland credit union:

  • Control over your own finances

  • Security on savings through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

  • Saving

  • Dividend on savings – though this is not guaranteed

  • Loan availability at relatively low rates

  • No hidden charges

  • Loan Protection Insurance at no extra cost

  • Confidentiality

  • Voting rights at the AGM

  • Become a board member

Eden & South Lakeland credit union is an open ethical organisation – find out more about how we are run.

We would love you to get involved to help run the credit union. We would like volunteers in Penrith and each of the other branches – you will receive full training. In addition we would like offers of help for the credit union tasks and sub-committees. Our board of directors are volunteers too – these are elected by the members present at an AGM, usually held early in the New Year, eg January.

We are very keen to work with local organisations including local government, housing associations and businesses. Cumbria County Council and Eden District Council have given considerable help to us to set up the credit union. We are working with local housing associations to ensure that the benefits of credit union membership are made available to their tenants. We are hoping to work with local employers, including local government, to make sure they highlight the benefits of credit union membership for their staff and, for example, do payroll deductions for savings and loans.

Identification required

To become a member you must provide evidence of ID and residency:

  • Identification:
    • Either one form of current photo ID issued by an appropriate authority, eg:
      • Current signed Passport (with valid unexpired UK visa for non EEA citizens)
      • Current driving license with photo
      • Current EU National Identity Card
      • HM Forces ID Card
    • Or two other forms of ID, eg:
      • National Insurance card
      • Current driving license (paper)
      • Benefit book
      • Recent letter from the Benefits Agency confirming rights to benefits
      • HMRC tax notification
      • Employee ID card
      • Blue disabled parking badge
      • Any one document from the list below if not being used to prove address together with any document from the list above.
  • Address:
    • Any of the following documents (if less than three months old):
      • Utility bill (not mobile telephone)
      • Bank or building society account statement
      • Credit card bill
      • Mortgage statement
      • Pension financial statement
      • Benefit Statement
      • Latest council tax notice
      • Letter from Housing Association

We recognise that not everybody will have these so don't hesitate to call us on 01768 890065 so we can advise you on alternative documentation if necessary.

We are required by Financial Conduct Authority rules to have documentary evidence that we have established your ID and address.  Therefore we will take a photocopy or scan of the material you have supplied.