Save, Borrow, Invest in Tomorrow

A Borrower's Tale

EdenSave Loan Leaflet

24 July 2014

A borrower has recently made this statement to us:

"We can't thank EdenSave Credit Union enough.

We were relatively new to the area, living and working here but unfortunately fell into financial difficulty.

We turned to everyone else for help but to no avail.

We then saw a leaflet advertising your union and popped in for a chat to see if there was any advise you could give.

Your employees were absolutely fantastic, they put us at ease, they didn't judge us and they explained all of your policies and procedures extremely clearly.

You acted promptly and after due consideration made funds available to us that literally saved the roof from over our heads.

The repayment plan back to yourselves was set at an affordable rate for us and based on our personal circumstances so no further debt would have to be incurred.

We would highly recommend your services to any local person in difficulty and have no hesitation in recommending your union and staff to the local people of Eden."