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Brooks Newmark MP Visit

Brooks Newmark MP visits EdenSavePictured are EdenSave Penrith volunteers Maurice Williams, Philip Brunskill and Audrey Cannon with Brooks Newmark MP

15 August 2014

EdenSave Credit Union were delighted to welcome the newly appointed Minister for Civil Society, Brooks Newmark to their Penrith Office on Thursday 14th August.

The minister was welcomed by Stephanie Fearn (Credit Union Secretary) and Fra Cooke (Head of the Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee). Also present were Gordon Nicolson (leader of Eden District Council), Paul Dodson (Community Regeneration Manager and Chair of Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership), Denise King (Cumbria Social Enterprise Manager, Sheila Battersby (Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office) and other members of Mr Newmark’s office.

Mr Newmark met three of the Credit Union volunteer staff, Maurice Williams (Penrith Office Manager), Audrey Cannon and Philip Brunskill.

Mr Newmark talked to the volunteer staff about their work for the Credit Union, including range of loans on offer including the Back to School summer promotional loan and the use of I.T.

The group then moved to the Library meeting room. The minister and other guests were given a brief introduction that provided details of EdenSave’s philosophy, aims and current business activity.

Mr Cooke raised some of the start-up challenges faced by the Credit Union. These included the work necessary to make the Credit Union accessible to all areas of the Eden District.

The group also discussed the Credit Unions challenges for the next twelve months including an expansion of its loan portfolio and recruitment of more volunteers to staff the offices and perform other behind the scenes work.

Mr Newmark congratulated the Credit Union on its first year achievements.

Brooks Newmark MP visits EdenSave
Philip Brunskill, Audrey Cannon, Maurice Williams, Brooks Newmark, Gordon Nicolson, Paul Dodson, Denise King and Fra Cooke