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Chris Davies MEP visits EdenSave

Chris Davies MEP visits EdenSaveChris Davies MEP talks to EdenSave volunteer cashiers Julie and Una

25 February 2014

On Friday 21st February, Penrith and the Borders Liberal Democrats hosted a visit by Chris Davies MEP, who has represented the North West of England in the European Parliament since 1999. Mr Davies serves as the only Liberal Democrat amongst the region’s 8 MEPs, and has been his party’s environment spokesman in Brussels throughout this time. Currently he is team leader on the Environment Committee for the European Liberal Democrat Group of MEPs.

Given Mr Davies’ interest in the environment, and his love of Cumbria, which he regards as his “spiritual home”, the local Liberal Democrat group organised a full programme of visits in the Eden area. This included visits to several local shops in Penrith, including to EdenSave Credit Union office  in the Devonshire Arcade, where he talked to staff and volunteers about the savings and loans products being offered, and how these are aiming to support the growth of the local economy.