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Credit Union volunteers plan for the future

ESLCU volunteers plan for the future

26 September 2017

Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union which is helping scores of Cumbrians to save, borrow and get access to financial information, has taken a fresh look at how it works now and how it could give a better service in the future.

A training day for volunteers from its offices in Penrith, Alston and Kendal was held on Tuesday 19th September. Volunteers got together at St Andrew's Church Centre in Penrith for a day of brainstorming and presentations from trainers. The trainers came from the Barclays Credit Union Programme – The credit union is one of just ten credit unions in the country to be given a place in the programme.

We have great hopes that the training given by the programme will make improvements to their services wherever needed. Chair Adrian Rush said: “At the end of September we will reach our fourth anniversary. It was time we all got together to look to the future. We are all credit union members, we are all volunteers, and with the help of a great bunch of trainers who have huge credit union experience between them, we have had a good look at how we take our credit union forward.”

The brainstorming sessions came up with ideas for communications inside and outside the credit union, for training and for volunteer operations, and there were close examinations of the roles of everyone who makes the organisation a success, directors, volunteers and members. “We are here to offer every advice and support to help you succeed in what you want to do,” said one of the trainers, John Chell.

The lively discussions and talks during the day were an eye-opener to even the most experienced of volunteers. Charlie Shepherd, a former director and a member of the supervisory committee, said: “What I have got from this is that we have good knowledge or understanding generally of what we are trying to do, but have some way to go in delivering it as well as we want to. One of the things that has come out of it is that it appears we are all on the same page. As the organisation has grown, and the regulatory entitlements have tightened, we are becoming more consistent in the way we operate.”

The credit union is on the lookout for new volunteers to help operate the credit union. Roles available include Member Services providing first point of contact for members, Accounting, Administration, Marketing, Loan Assessment, Fund Raising and IT Support And Partnership Development.

ESLCU volunteers plan for the future