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Kirkby Stephen office opens

15 January 2014:

Eden’s local credit union is providing a refreshing example to the community with a new service to the residents of Kirkby Stephen and surrounding area. It also makes a welcome change from news of closures by some large financial organisations across mainly rural areas.

EdenSave Credit Union, which first opened for business in Penrith in October 2013, opened the doors of its first ‘outreach’ office in Kirkby Stephen on Wednesday, 15 January 2014.  The session was busy with several new members joining and starting to save.

This means that local residents and people working in the area have local access to savings accounts where, once they become members, they can open accounts, deposit money and make withdrawals.

Loans will also be available through the new office and this is an area where EdenSave will highlight the importance of responsible borrowing.

The office is open on Wednesdays from 10.15 am to 12.15 pm. It will be staffed largely by volunteers who will also work closely with the staff and volunteers at the Penrith office.

The volunteers have played a very important part in the office becoming established in Kirkby Stephen. They have shown tremendous enthusiasm from the time when the EdenSave Credit Union was first proposed. The opening is a fitting culmination of their efforts.

It will now be even more convenient for the many people who pledged to become members once it received the regulatory go-ahead to go ahead and join.

Pat Godwin, Chairperson of EdenSave, said, “we have heard many people on opening an account mentioning that they are doing so because they wanted to help local people borrow at reasonable rates rather than having to turn to payday loan companies, doorstep lenders and rent-to-own retailers.”

The office is located at Kirkby Stephen Local Links, Vicarage Lane, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4QX.

EdenSave Kirkby Stephen volunteer cashiers Ian Murray, Rosemary Turner and Gill Terry

EdenSave Kirkby Stephen volunteer cashiers Ian Murray, Rosemary Turner and Gill Terry