Save, Borrow, Invest in Tomorrow


Eden & South Lakeland credit union welcomes anyone aged 16 or over who lives or works in Eden District or South Lakeland District in Cumbria to join as a member and start saving with us. Saving with us helps you put aside money for a rainy day. You know your money is safe, and working to support the local community.

Junior savings accounts are open to those aged under 16 in the area. Junior accounts should have an adult signatory (parent, grandparent or guardian).

Organisations and businesses may also join and save as members.

Please give us a ring on 01768 890065 if you have any questions about joining and saving. Or call in at one of our branches when they are open.


  • Fill in our online membership form
  • Or print a membership form, also available at our branches.
  • Bring the printed form to one of our branches - opening hours.
  • Bring a means of identification and proving your address - more details
  • Bring a minimum opening deposit of £5.
  • A one-off £2 non-refundable membership fee is deducted from your opening deposit.

Operating your account

Once you are a member you don't need to visit our offices to transfer money into or out of your account.  

Paying in

Drop in when we are open to deposit cash or a cheque made out to “Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union Ltd”.

Alternatively you can do a bank transfer or set up a standing order to make a regular deposit. Please contact us quoting your membership number. We will provide the details by return email.

We hope that in the future, with the help of your employer, you can set up a payroll deduction to make regular savings.

From 21 February 2017 the maximum amount that a member can hold in their account is £10,000.

Withdrawing your money

Withdrawing money from your credit union account is easy and you don't need to call in to one of our offices (although it is always nice to see you!).  If you have previously nominated a bank account with us, we can transfer funds from your credit union share account to your nominated bank account on the basis of a phone call to our Penrith office 01768 890065 or by email request to  We will only transfer funds to a bank account previously nominated by you.

You may make a cash withdrawal on demand of up to £100 from our Penrith or Kendal offices.

Money can also be withdrawn by requesting a transfer to another member's credit union account.

Money can be withdrawn by cheque on request to our Penrith office – please call us in advance.

You must maintain £3 in your account at all times. Overdrafts are not permitted.  The minimum withdrawal is £1.

Cash withdrawals of greater than £100 may require notice to be given. Larger amounts can be withdrawn by bank transfer.  We have a range of notice periods linked to the size of withdrawal (£1 - £200  7 days, £201 - £500  14 days, £501 - £1000  28 days, £1001 - £5000  60 days) . These are maximum periods, and usually withdrawals can be made at much less notice, but the money may take up to two days to reach your account.

How much is in my account?

You can request an account balance and mini-statement at any of our branches.

You will receive an account statement by post at least once a year.

Alternatively you can phone us on 01768 890065 during our opening hours to find out your balance, provided you can identify yourself.


The credit union may pay out a dividend payment on savings, but this is not guaranteed.

All members will receive any dividend payment annually in arrears, eg typically in February based on your savings in the year up to the previous September. A dividend is only paid if there are sufficient surplus funds available.  The board aims to provide a dividend on savings but this is not guaranteed.

Your dividend is taxable and we pay it to you as a gross amount without a tax credit. This means you are responsible for declaring it and paying any tax owed.

Closing my account

Please drop in to see us if you wish to close your account. Any remaining funds can be withdrawn by cash, bank transfer or cheque as per above.

How safe is my money?

Financial Services Compensation Scheme Through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, member’s savings up to £85,000 are 100% protected, the same as any other Bank, Building Society or approved financial institution. Please read the FSCS compensation booklet.

Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.